On Sunday September 13 2009,  Mikron Theatre performed the play Fair Trade at West Lane Baptist Church in Haworth.

A fantastic night was had by all who attended “Fair Trade”. The Mikron theatre company, a small team of just four performers, worked well with many quick changes of costume to bring to life the 160 years or so of the Cooperative movement. With drama, dance and song they told their story with humour, irony and pathos. Many of the sketches focused on the Coop’s effective on the other competing businesses, and the greatest laugh of the night came with the dance of a Mr Rigor and a Mr Mortis (independent funeral directors in competition with the Coop Funeral Service) berating their new competition. The rise of the Fairtrade movement featured towards the end of the show and the ethical dilemmas of modern shopping were highlighted. No simplistic solution was proffered and this challenged the audience to remember to think carefully before simply buying what is convenient..

Many thanks have to be offered to the Haworth Fairtrade Steering committee and West Lane Baptist Chapel for such a good and thought provoking evening. We look forward to seeing Mikron again when they next come to Haworth!